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The Great Lakes Cruising Coalition is an organization which advocates passenger cruising on the Great Lakes. It represents the publicly owned assets and is comprised of American & Canadian Port Cities and towns, various significant Port Authorities, several U.S. States, the Canadian Province of Ontario and the St Lawrence Seaway. We have been in existence since 1997 and our members represent important destinations around the Great Lakes.

The GLCC was formed as a result of imaginative thinking, which envisaged world class cruise ships "steaming" along the St. Lawrence Seaway, navigating the fascinating system of locks, thereby “climbing the Niagara Escarpment”... and cruising into the Great Lakes.

We believe the Great Lakes, which resemble "Inland Seas", have yet to be discovered by the world wide cruise community and we also believe they represent the last un-cruised waters in the world. Our mission is to create an atmosphere, which will attract the world-wide cruise industry and impress upon them how magnificent and rewarding that cruising the Great Lakes can be for their guests.

The GLCC has several goals, which are designed to pave the way for cruise ship owners and operators to bring their vessels into our magnificent lakes.
  • We work with ship owners and operators, furnishing them with technical information, to assist their Marine Operations, making them aware of what they are required to do when entering this region.

  • We know where the best marine handling agents are in our Great Lakes port cities and we make these available to ship owners and operators

  • We introduce regionally knowledgeable GLCC members who can bring valuable local resources to their attention

  • We work with the regional Travel Industry, making them aware of passenger cruise opportunities on the Great Lakes

  • We are in touch with local media in each region of the Great Lakes and our members are encouraged to spread the news of passenger ship movements in their cities

A technical manual designed to assist ship owners and operators with maritime planning from their entry point in the Gulf of St Lawrence and through all five Great Lakes. This manual allows prospective ship operators to plan for their entire North American operation, including such items as water level monitoring, air draft changes, fuel supplies and effluent disposal, plus availability of dock space and anchoring locations.

Our members represent important towns, cities, ports and port authorities on both the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway system. We are active in bringing Great Lakes information to the shipping companies and to their itinerary planners for a first hand look at what we have to offer.

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